“I have a wooden chiming mantel clock which originally belonged to my Grandfather and has come down through the family to my father, brother and now to me. On the inside of the back panel is written “Sold January 1875 East Street, Walworth” and another word that looks like “Chales” but I haven’t been able to find out what that signifies. The family lived in the Walworth/Southwark area at that time and as Grandfather married in March 1875 he may have purchased it himself for his new home or it might have been a wedding gift. When I was still living at home I would hear the clock ticking and chiming every day but it hasn’t worked now for many years and I was anxious to try and get it in good working order again. I contacted the Repair Cafe to see if anybody would be able to help me and they put me in touch with John Paradise, a very interesting gentleman and local horologist who has worked with clocks for many, many years. John visited me at home, examined the clock and immediately found out what the problem was. He worked his magic on the clock and I am thrilled to say that in a very short time …… thanks to his skills and the Repair Cafe …… the clock is now ticking and chiming away again just like it used to. I am very grateful to them both.”

Beryl Peacock

“Brilliant service today, thank you so much, I am really pleased we came along. Lights on the high-viz vest are flashing away now, this will help to keep my daughter safe on her horse on the busy roads as the winter draws in.”


“I met you recently when I gave my sister, Julie Foster a lift into town to take some photos for you. I spent a short time looking round the repair cafe and listened to you speak about recycling and upcycling. I was so impressed with your passion for recycling, you made stop and think. I live in a flat with a central dustbin area where the recycling and waste often gets muddled up, over recent years I had given up. Since listening to you I have recycled so much. With a little effort I have found a larger recycling area within a very short walk from my flat. I have set myself a challenge, to see if I can empty my waste bin just once a week! Carrie your enthusiasm is infectious! Thanks & best regards Lynn”


“Please would you be kind enough to pass on a message to the kind person who was trying to find zip sliders for me on Saturday.

I was so impressed with your setup and would like to book my Nutribullet in for a repair in November. I look forward to returning. Very many thanks”.


Refill, renew, refresh, repair, think before you throw!