Win up to £25k & help our work!

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Horsham District Community Lottery is a weekly online lottery that helps to raise valuable additional funds to support charities, community groups and local voluntary groups whose work benefits residents in Horsham District. You do not have to live in Horsham District to play though! Horsham Repair Cafe and our parent charity Sussex Green Living are beneficiaries, so why not have a go, you might win £25k and help us with our environmental work.

How does it work?

Anyone buying a £1 ticket can select us, at least 50p of the £1 ticket price goes back to us. 10p in every pound also goes into a community lottery fund which will be distributed by the Council to community projects across the District. The rest of the money goes towards prizes, VAT and administration costs. Read more

Horsham community step up to the Climate Crisis


With climate change in the news daily, heatwaves, the hottest July date ever recorded, wettest August and now the Amazon ablaze, who would blame people to despair. Help is at hand to Horsham District residents, on the first Saturday of every month at the Horsham Repair Café. Not only do the volunteers offer repairs, refills and recycling advice but they give clean energy advice and switching and climate change solutions.

Governments have been talking about climate change since the early 90s, it is only now in 2019 that we are seeing fast escalating action, with more than half the UK’s principal local authorities having declared a climate emergency in the last eight months. The Horsham Repair Café run by Sussex Green Living with the help of the Horsham Quakers and lots of volunteers are stepping up to this climate crisis. Read more