• Horsham Repair Cafe

’Refill, Renew, Refresh and Repair’

Sorry, although we reopened in September we are having to revert to our ‘drop and collect’ service due to rising covid numbers and restrictions. 

We are offering ‘chats’ on the phone or Zoom with repairers prior to ‘drop and collect’ enabling us to check if you can fix your item, if it is fixable by one of our volunteers and check if we or you need to buy any parts/materials. 

On the 1st Saturday of every month  10am – 1pm at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL there will be a personal and household cleaning product bottle refills. By prior booking we are happy to offer an energy advice and clean energy switching service by Zoom or in person.

To book your repair consultation/drop & collect and or energy advice/switching, please use our online booking form here, we will then email with further details.


Textile, electrical and general household repairs – our volunteer repairer will assess the item and inform you if there is a need to purchase any parts/materials. If you agree to the costs on collection you will be asked to pay those costs. Donations are left to your discretion but as a guide the average donation is £5.00 for a straight forward repair whilst £10 is appropriate for a more complicated repair. Donations can be made by cash or credit card at the Quaker Meeting House or via this PayPal donation page

Computer and I.T. repairs – these will be carried out by Cliff Jackson from Easyline Comms. If the problem can be resolved over the phone or within half an hour you are welcome to give a voluntary donation to the Horsham Repair Cafe. Often computer repairs involve parts and can be quite time consuming. If it is estimated it will take longer than half an hour and or involves parts Cliff will provide a quote to you, and on acceptance of the costs he will carry out the work. On returning the item repaired he will raise an invoice for any parts and his agreed time which you will need to pay direct to Easyline Comms. On collection of the item from the Quaker Meeting House on an agreed day and time, if you would like to give a donation to the Horsham Repair Café that is your choice, or you can use the online donation link above.

Cleaning and personal hygiene bottle refill service You do not need to book the bottle refill service, but only one customer will be allowed in the building for refills at any one time. 

To learn more email horsham.refillservice@gmail.com or call Helen on 07941 338169 or visit www.horsham-refill.com

Sorry we can not currently offer any food refill services.

Strict covid precautions have to be adhered to for ‘drop and collect and refills: 

  • Booking form must be completed for ‘drop and collect’ and energy sessions
  • Face masks essential for everyone    
  • Everyone to use hand sanitiser at entrance   
  • 1 person for refills allowed in the building at one time
  • Energy advice and switching can be offered online or at a specific time by prior booking
  • No refreshments
  • Customers must stay in porch or outside until their appointment time
  • One-way system will be in place
  • Sanitiser wipes for cleaning surfaces

We don’t just do repairs, we offer much more…

REPAIRS: The Horsham Repair Cafe offers a fantastic free monthly repair service for your broken and worn out items. Come and join us to learn how to repair and mend, save money and be part of a community sharing crafts, knowledge and creative skills.

The Repair Cafe celebrated its 1st birthday in October 2018 and we’ve been so successful, we’ve extended our services. Clothes repairs now take place in the afternoon when some of our textile volunteers will be demonstrating and teaching people how to carry out creative upcycling.

It’s highly recommended that you book your repair in advance – you can book here

Please read our Repair rules here before you book.

If you’d like to know whether it’s worth bringing an item to be repaired, perhaps our handy guide might help – please read it here.

Donations are welcome for any repairs undertaken and refreshments. They help us to be able to keep running this free and valuable service.

ENERGY SERVICE: Between 10 am-1 pm (*afternoon by arrangement) we offer an energy cost comparison and switching to 100% clean and renewable energy. You will need to bring a recent electricity bill (and gas bill if you use it) with you. Everyone we have switched has saved money! The process only takes about 5 minutes! Or you can carry out the comparison and switch from the comfort of your armchair here. We also offer advice and support on ways to deal with fuel debt, reduce energy consumption and energy costs by cutting unnecessary energy use and energy loss from their properties.

REDUCE YOUR PLASTICS: Between 10 am – 1 pm we offer a household and personal cleaning product bottle refill service, learn more here. In partnership with Earthkind you can also buy plastic-free organic pantry items like pasta, rice, pulses, dried fruit, seeds, chocolate chips and olive oil. Please bring containers, or we can supply a recycled paper bag (for the dried goods). Taking advantage of these refill services will reduce the number of plastic bottles which need to be made, recycled, reduce single-use plastics, helping the planet and saving you money.

REFRESHMENTS AND BOOKING: We have cakes and tea available, so do come along for a cuppa and a chat – also great for when you’re waiting for your repairs (don’t forget to book them in).

Children welcome too!

HELPERS: We are always looking for volunteers for the Horsham Repair Cafe and Sussex Green Living’s environmental awareness and education work. Please contact us if you can spare some regular time. We are looking for general helpers, refreshments, technical repair, craft skills, website design, data management and any other areas you think could help us. Your support will be gratefully welcomed.

Learn more about our action you can take to build a more sustainable world and download the Sussex Green Living Pledges to the Planet action plan here.

Come and have fun upcycling, refilling, renewing, refreshing and repairing!


Before your repair:

1. You must complete the top section of the Registration Form for HRC records before any repairs can be considered. All information is treated with the utmost confidence. If you choose to leave an email address, this will be added to our mailing list and you will automatically be reminded of future Repair Café events.

2. Sharp tools and dangerous equipment are present and sometimes used in repairs. You must exercise control over, and be responsible for, the behaviour of children in your care whilst attending the HRC. Children will not be admitted unless accompanied by an adult.

3. The advice and repair service is conducted by experienced volunteers. Although there is no charge for their time, skill or advice, you are invited to make a voluntary donation to cover our costs which include the purchase of tools and equipment, and building lighting, heating and maintenance.

4. Normally, a maximum of ONE item per visitor will be examined per visit. However, should time allow, extra items  may be considered for examination and repair.

5. All repairs carried out at the HRC are performed at your own risk. Neither the organisers of HRC nor the repairers in personal capacities or otherwise are liable for any accidental damage or loss that may occur to either your goods (including vehicles) or your personal effects during your time at the HRC.

During your repair:

6. After making an initial assessment of your item, our repairers will discuss the repair with you. Sometimes our repairers may be unable to effect a repair for various reasons. You will be told these reasons, but our repairers are fully entitled to use their discretion and refuse to repair an item should they so decide.

7. You may be given advice, e.g. tips on how to prevent a future failure.

8. Normally you are responsible for providing any consumables such as leads, plugs, fuses, zips, etc. that may be needed to fully complete a repair. As our repairers cannot carry a comprehensive stock of parts, a second visit to HRC may be required to complete your repair.

9. You should remain with the repairer while the repair is being carried out in order to see how the repair is being done and to pick up new skills. Items must not be left with the repairer and collected at a later time. There may be occasions when a  repairer offers to take the item home in order to better diagnose the fault or effect a repair. Neither the repairer nor HRC assume any responsibility for safe keeping.

10. Volunteers and visitors are expected to treat each other with mutual respect.

After your repair:

11. You are responsible for the removal of all items brought into the HRC. There are no facilities at the HRC for the disposal of your items.

12. Where applicable, electrical equipment will be subject to a Portable Appliance Test prior to leaving the HRC. Our repairer will either deem the appliance safe to use, or not safe to use. HRC takes no responsibility in any form whatsoever for any item, repaired or otherwise, once it has left the HRC.

13. HRC do not provide any warranty or guarantee on any repairs carried out and are not liable in any way should an item subsequently not work properly or fail again or cause any consequential loss or damage.

14. Neither the organisers of HRC nor the repairers in personal capacities or otherwise are liable for any loss or injury whatsoever that may result from any repair carried out or for any advice or instructions given and used at a later date.