Next Repair Cafe

General repairs

Due to our expanding network of voluntary repairers we are able to offer repairs of clothes, small household electrical items, general household goods, iphones, ipads, tablets, computers and laptops by prior booking email or

Monthly energy advice

Groundwork South are a charity who offer energy saving experts. They will help you understand how to cut your fuel and water bills and make sure you are getting all the support and assistance you need.  We want to make sure people have the information and motivation to lead healthier, greener lives and get the most benefit out of schemes offered by the government and utilities companies.

Groundwork advises many organisations each year on how to reduce waste, cut bills and play a more active and responsible role in the community. The approach is always to help people understand the positive, practical steps they can take to look after the environment on their own doorstep, while also playing a part in safeguarding nature and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.

At the Repair Cafe advice on switching suppliers will be given. Or you can review your energy supplier on a cost comparison website.  It takes less than 5 minutes, you don’t need your bills to hand and you could save up to £600. To help reduce the effects of climate change the best energy provider is one that offers 100% renewable clean energy i.e. one that generates their energy using the water, wind and sun. We recommend this cost comparison site.

Monthly craft upcycling demos

We plan to have a demonstration of some creative upcycling at each Café by a local craftspeople to show you what can be done with a no longer needed waste resource. Learn more here.

Monthly household cleaning product refill service

This is a great way to save money and to help reduce the number of plastic bottles which need to be recycled or at worst end up in landfill. Learn more here.

Come along and have a cup of tea or coffee, a piece of cake and have a chat with like-minded people.  If you are planning on coming to review your utility bills and energy consumption we would recommend booking. If you have any queries or want to book please fill in this form.  Donations are invited for refreshments.

We always need more volunteers too -as general helpers or people with technical repair and craft skills.