7th April 18 – Small Electrical Appliances

Do you have a small unusable lamp or broken toaster in the garage that you keep meaning to take to the Waste Recycling centre? Don’t bin it! Bring any small electrical item that doesn’t work to the café and we will do our best to mend it. If you fancy learning how to fix it as well, please do sit down with the volunteer and you may go away with a fixed item and a new skill!

Come along and have a cup of tea or coffee, a piece of cake and have a chat with like-minded people.  If you are bringing something to repair or remake booking is recommended. If you have any queries or want to book a FREE repair please fill in this form.  Donations for refreshments and repairs invited.

Monthly craft upcycling demos

We plan to have a demonstration of some creative upcycling at each Café by a local craftspeople to show you what can be done with a no longer needed waste resource. Learn more here.

Monthly household cleaning product refill service

This is a great way to save money and to help reduce the number of plastic bottles which need to be recycled or at worst end up in landfill. Learn more here 

We always need more volunteers too -as general helpers or people with technical repair and craft skills.